Kalahari Resonance

When 'The Yes Tribe' asked me to write about my experience in the Kalahari it was the perfect opportunity to reflect upon how it came about and what the adventure means to me. I trust these words and photographs will resonate with you. And that they help to raise awareness of interspecies communication and its broader implications of harmonious, sustainable life here on Earth.

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Weaving Magic with Storytelling

Free audio stories available! Enjoy listening to traditional stories developed and told by Alexandra Simson at Story-Well Perfect for all ages from tots to elders - these stories are gentle and soothing helping people of all ages to relax and inspire imagination. Listen or download now: - for FREE! Listen or download now:

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How do you become a confident and compelling speaker?

Enjoy the power of storytelling and being able to express your ideas and your individuality with more clarity and confidence. With over 20% of the UK’s population anxious or fearful of speaking in public it’s essential we find more ways to encourage and inspire people (young and old) to find and express their unique voice. Discover more about this powerful and ancient craft so that you, your team, your community and others - may experience the amazing and gentle power of storytelling with Story-Well.

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