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Free Audio Recordings

The following stories are live recordings, told without a script and like life itself – they are perfectly imperfect! Rich in wisdom and content, they have been chosen because they inspire a sense of wellbeing and share Truths from cultures around the world.
Feel free to download and please share with whoever you think may benefit.

Kind Ferko

Ferko is a young man treated cruelly by his brothers. Discover how kindness makes unexpected friends and the magic of karma. (An old story from the Hungarian tradition of storytelling)

Sura’s Story

This Indonesian folktale illustrates how the opportunities to find powers deep within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.

The Wise Counsellor

A popular Akbar-Birbal story from India, this tale reminds us to look on the bright side and to trust that Life is working out for us even in the face of hardship.

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