Winter Wellbeing Retreat – Exmoor National Park

//Winter Wellbeing Retreat – Exmoor National Park
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Treat yourself to a winter retreat in the heart of Exmoor National Park. Enjoy a day of peace and mindfulness to embrace the stillness and quiet of winter – and what better place than the tranquil shores of Wimbleball Lake.

Deeply nourishing, peaceful, wonderfully and lovingly held, sacred space, food for the soul on all levels and the gongbath was an ecstatic experience.

The Timber Cabin will be our haven to connect and listen to our inner voice. With a blend of home-cooking, fireside storytelling, a walk, Gongbath, fresh air – including some solo time in Nature, you will come away feeling re-charged, re-vitalised and ready for the path ahead.


A day to disconnect from the noise and pressures of the world. To get back in touch with nature and with yourself.  It was perfect!



A winter retreat with space to listen to your inner voice and time to connect with what is important to you. All participants are provided with the space, inspiration and permission to open up to meaningful experience and new perspectives.

What to expect from a Gong Bath:

  • Gong Baths are soothing, relaxing, rejuvenating, cleansing and holistic.
  • You are not expected to do anything, just to be as comfortable as possible.
  • This is your time to relax and release stress – to enjoy the magic of the Gong Space.

You can receive a Gong Bath either lying down or seated on a chair. Using vibrational sound, a gong bath is a sound massage for the body and mind (wonderful for those who like the idea of a massage without taking off any clothes!) For more information on the Gong Space and benefits of Gongbaths please click here.

The gong bath was amazing! I had no idea it could make those sounds – the best experience I’ve had in a long time and definitely in my top ten of all time.

Mindfulness is about actively paying attention to what is actually happening in the moment, in order to respond with integrity. This enhances our ability to feel happier and more confident in today’s ever increasing dynamic and complex world.

Evidence suggests that those who practice mindfulness techniques are more resilient and more emotionally intelligent – better able to ‘read’ themselves and others. Those who are more mindful have a greater capacity to flex their own mental and emotional states, which benefits themselves as well as their communities and organisations. This retreat has been created to enable people to become more relaxed, more trusting and consequently more authentic, emotionally intelligent and resilient.

By taking responsibility for our personal wellbeing it becomes easier to open up to life and it’s opportunities, to reconnect to our innate creativity and enthusiasm. It also helps us to develop greater sustainability, prevent burnout, as well as improving our ability to communicate with clarity.

£69 – includes lunch and refreshments.

Email now to book your place:

Payment: Can be made via electronic bank transfer or cheque.


  • Relax and improve your health, outlook and sense of wellbeing
  • Tune into Nature, yourself, others and the world around you
  • Discover more of your personal creativity and self expression
  • Remain focused on values, priorities and results under pressure
  • Improve relationships and increase ethical behaviour.
  • Build stronger personal impact, influence and effectiveness
  • Create greater personal resilience to thrive under pressure
  • Develop listening and communication skills
  • Enjoy greater self-awareness and clarity
  • Feel more inspired, vital and authentic
  • Experience a more joyful life!

Practical Information:
Arrivals from 9am – enjoy a tea or coffee overlooking the lake as we gather for a 9.30am start.
Lunch is home-cooked and uses local produce. Please email if you have specific dietary requirements when you make your booking.

  • Bring supportive walking boots as well as clothes for wet/cold weather. Depending on rainfall the paths around the lake can be muddy and slippery so please bring walking poles or a stick if you want extra support. We will be spending part of the day outside so it’s important to come prepared for all weathers!
  • Please bring an object from Nature/Winter that has meaning for you.
  • Bring something to lie on for your gong bath (a blanket or yoga mat is ideal) and a blanket and/or pillow. The most important thing is that you make yourself as cosy and comfortable as possible.

Lower Holworthy Farm, Brompton Regis, Dulverton, Somerset TA22 9NY
Holworthy Farmhouse accommodation is Lower Holworthy farm –on sat Nav. It’s the 2nd farm down lane, shared with Higher Holworthy. The whole road shares the same postcode TA22 9NY

Far to travel? Want to arrive the day before?
Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Exmoor National Park.  Book comfortable farmhouse accommodation. Email: Gillian Payne at:

Nature takes us into the tranquility of her stillness if we visit her. We slip into her quiet contemplation and inhabit for a while the depth of her ancient belonging. Somehow we seem to become one with the rhythm of the universe. Our longing is purified and we gain strength to come back to life refreshed, and refine our ways of belonging in the world. Nature calls us to tranqility and rhythm.  John O’Donohue: Eternal Echoes

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