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Free Audio Recordings

The following stories are live recordings, told without a script and like life itself – they are perfectly imperfect! Rich in wisdom and content, they have been chosen because they inspire a sense of wellbeing and share Truths from cultures around the world.
Feel free to download and please share with whoever you think may benefit.

Imagination is Everything

Imagination is Everything

Discover how a widow’s passion and creativity change the world.
(Told by the Dzuang people in West China, who are speaking a Tibetan language.)

Jaguar’s Eyes

Discover what happens when Jaguar doesn’t listen to some good advice. And how Condor’s wisdom is a healthy reminder of our deep connection with the Earth.   (A traditional story from the Pemón people – Venezuela)

Maple Leaves

The Listening Hat

Enjoy this folktale from Japan. Find out what happens when an angry Maple tree seeks vengeance and what happens when the Mayor hears the Truth.

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