How Positive Thinking Attracts Friendships

//How Positive Thinking Attracts Friendships

How Positive Thinking Attracts Friendships

No doubt, you’ve met people you could describe as rays of sunshine. Such people are easy to be with and they attract more of the same. Everyone enjoys their positive vibes, their openness and receptivity. People who enjoy inspired, open-minded, passionate and appreciative friendships attract others because they give out the very same positive vibes. (That which is like unto itself is drawn Abraham Hicks) It’s this ‘vibe’ that beckons to us, inviting friendships. So it makes good sense to spend time thinking about the people in your life who make you feel good – the ones who inspire you and make you laugh, the ones who naturally lift your spirits.

Positive thoughts, thoughts resonating at an elevated vibration are the key ingredients that give sunshine people an attractive glow.

Attracting Meaningful Friendships

  • Spend some time reflecting. Ask your Self to be specific about what you enjoy about the people who seem to make you feel good when you’re with them. Ask yourself what you want. Rather than using the loose term ‘friendship’ to describe your needs, use precise words. For instance, perhaps you want someone reliable, trustworthy, and kind as a new companion.
  • Alternatively, maybe you are looking for a friend to hang out with. Write a list of the qualities and interests you want to see in a new companion.
  • Have fun, make a big list – as big and as long as you can make it. Enjoy thinking and writing it down. You will notice your energy shift as momentum increases … enjoy the process and be as fun and as bold as you like!!

Being specific about the qualities you value in friendships will help to generate a momentum of good feelings. You will notice your energy shift as momentum increases … enjoy the process and be as fun and as bold as you like!! Then give all that momentum a boost by consciously visualizing yourself enjoying the qualities of the person/people you want to meet.

Let Your Thoughts Create New Behaviour

  • As your thoughts become more positive your Heart-space will open more and more. Enjoy the beautiful feeling of expansion and the enthusiasm as well as the open-ness and receptivity as you engage with more people. Listen to your inner Self, your intuition might nudge you to speak to a friendly looking stranger waiting in a queue next to you.
  • Alternatively, you may get the urge to join an evening class or go to other places where you could meet people. Listen to your heart as it may prompt you to carry out actions that help you attract what you want.


What Do You Like About Yourself?

  • Reflect upon your view of yourself. Think about what you enjoy, what makes your heart sing.
  • Write a list of your positive qualities – if it’s difficult for you – notice without judgement and keep turning your thoughts to what you like about being you, about your life, about the decisions you make and the experiences you have.
  • Don’t be shy – enjoy and have fun with it.

Write as though you are a wonderful friend who loves and admires you. Incidentally, one of the best ways to gain such a friend is to be one to your Self.

Be Your Greatest Friend

  • If you want people to respect and appreciate you, respect and appreciate yourself.
  • In fact, once you begin treating yourself as you want to be treated, you will discover that you create the right frequency to attract similar behaviour from others. In effect, you will generate the reality that you want and it will be reflected back to you.

After all, isn’t that what’s happening already? You have created the reality that you’re experiencing now. Allow yourself to embrace the concept that thoughts create reality and you can attract any friendship you want.

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