Welcome to Dunster’s Gong Space

//Welcome to Dunster’s Gong Space

Welcome to Dunster’s Gong Space

Sound healing is one of the oldest and most ancient forms of healing and dates back thousands of years. The sacred sound of the gongs produce frequencies that can help resolve emotional, physical or spiritual dissonance; helping us find balance and harmony. During a ‘Gongbath’ the gongs generate waves of sound that intersperse with and bathe our entire body – both physical and non-physical, re-aligning our cells and pressing the re-set button as it were! These powerful gongs are invaluable tools for stress reduction & personal transformation. 

“The gong bath was amazing! I had no idea it could make those sounds – the best experience I’ve had in a long time and definitely in my top ten of all time.” Aubrey

Email alex@story-well.co.uk to find out how to book your place at a group gongbath. Or enjoy a 1:1 session for just you and the gongs plus the cosy comfort of a warm fire and blankets to snuggle into. Perfect to release stress, discomfort or anything else that no longer serves you.

Gong Bath Story-WellHello! I’m Alexandra Simson the founder of Story-Well – a community service designed and delivered to inspire wellbeing using healing sound. Sesame trained, I’ve been working with stories in the service of wellbeing and healing for over twenty years. Using the ancient craft of storytelling I share traditional stories from around the world to foster connection, community, transformation and personal development. I’ve also trained with gongmaster Sheila Whittaker at the College of Sound Healing and am now a Gong Practitioner. Using vibration, a gong bath is a sound massage for the body and mind enabling people to relax more deeply, raising the vibrational frequency of the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual body.                                                                                                                                                                                                    This in turn promotes healing and cleansing so that you come away feeling re-vitalised and refreshed.

To find out more about Alex, the Dunster Gong Space and the work of Story-Well click here.

To understand more about Healing Sound and what it is visit my blog here.

Gift vouchers are also available if you would like to give someone something special this Christmas!

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