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The Power of Story

 “Stories do something that other forms of communication fail to do: they completely engage an audience – and they can actually change behaviour.”  Margaret Parkin

The human mind is hard-wired for story.  So wherever there are human minds stories will weave their magic.

  • Stories inspire a positive feeling of social connection
  • Stories help people to relax and make an occasion more memorable
  • Stories open minds and engage individuals and teams on multiple levels
  • Stories nurture trust, listening, self-expression and creativity
  • Stories can help to reframe an event and identify beliefs and values
  • Stories can help to explore challenging issues
  • Stories can generate deep and powerful learning experiences
  • Stories can help to shift negative attitudes and assumptions


“I enjoyed all of this workshop and am only disappointed it wasn’t longer!  I’ve understood how to use stories in leadership training and to explore team building.” 


 I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop – it has given much food for thought and inspiration and I enjoyed all the stories Alex shared and the way she told them immensely.  I’ve learned that stories can be used in all situations and are an immensely powerful tool.  I can develop ideas as to how I can incorporate storytelling into my working life.” 


“I enjoyed everything about this workshop: the venue, the group and especially your sensitive and able facilitation Alex.  Thank you very much for a lovely and enchanting morning – I’ve learned how powerful even a simple sounding story can be for communication and have learned ways to work with and prepare stories for telling.” 


“Thank you for an inspirational and thought provoking workshop.  I love the possibilities for development in many spheres of work and opportunity for lateral thinking.”


Weaving Magic with Stories

Stories help us to see life from a fresh perspective.  They act as a safe container and a springboard offering ways to explore issues and ideas relevant to you, your community and or your service/organisation.

In the presence of story you will become captivated, your curiosity piqued. You will surrender to the story for the duration of its telling. You will lose yourself in the present, and all your anxieties and mental chatter will melt away.

When you gather with your family, friends, or work colleagues to listen to a story you will find it remarkable to discover how the story speaks to individuals in different ways, as you each recreate the story according to your own knowledge, experience and understanding. You will be able to share the different interpretations and perspectives that arise.

Stories are perfect vehicles to help you and your peers open up and discuss difficult or sensitive topics. They break down barriers, ease communication and foster new understanding.

You and your fellow listeners will share the common desire to know what happens next. A room full of strangers will become friends by story’s end. Try it. You’ll see.

When you consciously bring the power of story into your community, team or organisation you will experience a simultaneous ignition of imagination. You will make space for new solutions, possibilities and opportunities. And you will automatically have a ready-made team willing to bring them to life.

Nature Meditations

These short films have been created to help you relax and tune in to your true nature more easily.

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