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The purpose of the storyteller is not to tell you how to think,
but to give you something to think upon. Brandon Sanderson

What is Story-Well?

Founded and directed by Alex Simson, Story-Well is a unique well-being and training service. It uses a combination of traditional storytelling, teaching and therapeutic skills to help organisations, services and individuals achieve their objectives in an enjoyable, meaningful and creative way.

Stories with your aims in mind

Whether you are an individual, business or community service – young, middling or old, Story-Well can offer you a story exploring themes relevant to your situation. Working with groups or individuals we offer bespoke workshops or courses giving you time to explore each story and what it means to you or your organisation.

Something for everyone!

● Businesses and services
● Health professionals and care homes
● Teachers and trainers
● Families and community groups
● Individuals seeking self development
● Therapists requiring CPD experience
● Historical and Cultural Venues
● Conference Organisers
● The Hospitality Industry

Stories to engage and inspire

People of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures can communicate through storytelling.  Stories provide a unique way to explore all kinds of themes and issues including some of life’s more challenging ones.


Alex is a gifted storyteller who uses a variety of techniques to bring her huge catalogue of folktales, myths and legends from around the world to her audience.  After twenty years she has developed a style appreciated by listeners of all ages.

Clive Wooldridge

The storytelling was inspirational, to see in the mind’s eye different thoughts and ideas, a feeling of being at one with the world.

Moor To Enjoy - Exmoor National Park

I love the way Alex captivates an audience of young, old and in between without the need for fancy costumes or props by creating an irresistible atmosphere of wonder and mystery with her voice and her presence. Children and adults alike find her stories enchanting and mesmerising as they all have a message or a deeper meaning to take away and ponder long after the story has finished. Her tales from many different times and places seem to be carefully selected so that whilst listening to them one feels as if one is not only being told a story but transported on an adventure that engages the soul and sets the imagination on fire!


Alex has been bringing her stories regularly to our Nursing Home for over 3 years.  Our residents love the thought provoking tales, delivered in a compassionate yet refreshing manner. This enables them to experience different emotions in a calm, safe atmosphere and provides interesting topics of conversation.  We would thoroughly recommend Story Well to anyone looking for something a bit different to add to their entertainment schedule

Mamsey House

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