Stories to Inspire Wellbeing

//Stories to Inspire Wellbeing

Stories to Inspire Wellbeing

In a world where many people feel increasing pressure, it’s more important than ever to find time to relax so it’s with great pleasure that Story-Well brings you the perfect FREE antidote to a busy life.

Over the last twenty years I’ve been working with and sharing traditional healing stories from around the world. In that time I’ve brought stories to community groups, elders, families, schools, businesses, services, hospitals, surgeries and residential settings.

I have seen how deeply people relax whilst listening to a story. I have felt the soothing calm as people step into the moment with me and enter the magical realm of story. I have witnessed how the healing presence of story can ignite imaginations and enliven the senses. How hearts and minds can open and I have even heard heartfelt appreciation from those who feel transformed by story.

I felt my depression lift as I listened to the story.

The human mind is hard-wired for story. So wherever there are human minds stories will weave their magic. Our need for stories goes back to the days when cave walls were the original flat screens, they gave then and continue to give now meaning to life demonstrating our interconnectedness to the world around us.

The storytelling was inspirational, to see in the mind’s eye different thoughts and ideas, a feeling of being at one with the world.

In a world where many people feel increasingly stressed, it’s more important than ever to find time to relax. Relaxation helps the mind to rest and the body to re-charge and so it’s with great pleasure that Story-Well brings you the perfect antidote to a busy life. Available for free, access stories here whenever you like. Pour yourself a soothing cuppa, sit or lie back, relax and allow the voice of Story-Well to transport you to magical realms where everything becomes possible.

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Alexandra Simson is the founder of Story-Well. Sesame trained, she’s been working with stories in the service of wellbeing and healing for over twenty years. Through the ancient craft of storytelling Alexandra aims to foster connection, community, transformation and personal development.

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