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The true healer is the person receiving the energy, the practitioner is merely acting as the catalyst to allow the healer to access and utilise a higher vibrational field of energy.  Richard Gordon

The Gong Space

A Gong Bath (also referred to as a Gong Meditation) entails being in a standing, reclined or seated position.  The recipients are “bathed” in the sound of the gong, this can be achieved individually or for a group.

The sound is organic, deep and nurturing. The “living tones” build upon each other and evolve on their own, producing a sea of sound that is both timeless and alive. You not only hear the sound through your ears but through your body.  Through this experience, tensions are released, blockages cleared, and the mind is able to stop its chattering.

Many people experiencing a Gong Bath report a ‘release’, this can take the form of an energetic, emotional, mental or physical response and it is the vibrations from the Gong re-aligning our energy centres.  Many people experience a deep sense of well-being from the experience.

Sound has been used therapeutically for thousands of years helping people to relax, soothe and de-stress, as well as to heal and alter consciousness. In some Eastern cultures it has long been realised that the beneficial effect goes deeper than just a sense of wellbeing; harmonious sounds have also been known to have a healing effect on the body at a cellular level. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks also understood the extraordinary healing power of sound, and even composed and performed music with the purpose of healing. More recently Sound Healing has grown in popularity as we remember the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

To understand Sound Healing, it is helpful to know that everything in creation is made up of energy – vibrating at different frequencies.  Modern physicists continue to find evidence to support this belief. For instance – dense, apparently inanimate objects like rocks, look like solid matter, but are in fact forms of energy vibrating at lower frequencies. At the other end of the spectrum, light vibrates at a very high frequency. Everything in the universe, including each and every one of us is energy.

Since every part of the body has the potential to perform at its optimum it is also true to say that stress lowers vibration resulting in imbalance or dis-ease.  However, the extraordinary range of sounds made by the Gongs is able to stimulate the body cells so that they begin to vibrate in sympathy -quite literally their vibration rises and they tune up.

In the words of Sheila Whittaker, my teacher and renowned Gong Master, “Sound also works on the subtle energy body that surrounds the physical body, which is where imbalance and dis-ease manifest first, before appearing in the physical dimension. Using the gongs we can help to clear energy blockages and thus prevent illness and disease before it reaches 3D reality. This is very sacred work.”

Private Gong Therapy Sessions : In addition to Group Gongbaths Alex has a private therapy practice on the edge of Exmoor in West Somerset. A private treatment session costs £45 .

Working individually with different clients according to what they want. She will use the gongs and other instruments to relax and de-stress you bringing your whole being back into a state of harmony on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is a deep sonic, meditational, healing experience which usually leaves people very relaxed, refreshed and invigorated, and ready to face the world anew. The gong sounds may clear blockages in the subtle energy body, and enable deep issues to be resolved. Occasionally a client may feel worse for a short while before they start to feel better. This is part of the healing process, and an indication that the gongs are doing their work.

In both the group and individual gong sessions Alex uses a combination of Paiste Gongs including: 38” Symphonic (otherwise known as the ‘Queen’), Sedna, Mercury, a 20” Symphonic hand gong and the Head Chakra Gong.

You are not expected to do anything except be comfortable!
Bring something to lie on (like a yoga mat), a blanket and a pillow.
Take your spot – lie back (or let me know if you prefer to sit in a chair).
Relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of the gong.

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Gong Bath

‘Happiness has Arrived’ – The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played.

Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga

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More on Healing Sound

Sound has subtle yet profound effects on our body, mind and spirit. We can feel it when we listen to the sound of waves breaking on the shore, a favourite piece of music, or the peaceful crackle of an autumn fire.

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I’ve been lucky enough to experience a few beautifully crafted gong baths from Alex and I always emerge with my energy feeling bright and sparkly. The sound currents from the gong enter your system, bypassing the mind and resonate within your being. You don’t need to do anything, no words need to be spoken as you lie back and allow the vibrations to do their work.


I have so enjoyed the smaller gong baths in Minehead. They are like a complete energy rewiring – a great de-stresser. I come away from being immersed in the various sounds of the gong feeling that everything hard and heavy I have accumulated in my body and soul have been gently shaken into tiny bits that just floated away, so that I am lighter and more fluid. Can’t wait to experience this in the fabulous Tithe Barn!


I was very surprised at the sound, not what I expected a gong to sound like at all.  Almost unearthly, but so soothing as you lie back and relax in its waves. I feel the sound vibrating up through the floor throughout my body, so the experience isn’t just listening.  Afterwards I feel full of energy but without feeling on edge. Quite often when I feel I have energy I have an underline feeling of stress too…..but after the gong I feel peacefully energetic.


“Physical waves of sensation.  Spinning energy centres, especially in the pauses.  A real intensity in the solar plexus at one point; and also in the whole of my skin.  So many different sensations amidst a deep calm and relaxed body.  Loved the structure and rhythm and the curious noises.”


Thank you so much for last night’s Gong Bath. The venue was just magical and I really felt the benefit. Best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long while. Julie

Julie, Your Content Goes Here

Alex is impeccable in the way she presents the work that she is doing with the Gong. The tea and banana bread at the end was perfect.

Anon, Your Content Goes Here

I felt as if I was taken out on a journey round the solar system and then to the stars. Then into the deep oceans with the whales and the dolphins. I felt connected to the Divine and to my life and to the things that are very dear to me.

Katy, Your Content Goes Here

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